EVA Foam Tumbling Animals & Furniture

Designed with the goal of enriching children's motor skill development, the Komat EVA Foam Tumbling Animals  & Furniture Collection serves as a versatile and contemporary addition to children's accompanion. The thoughtfully chosen natural colors not only create a serene and sensory-rich play environment but also offer timeless aesthetics that withstand the test of changing seasons. Imagine the Komat EVA Foam Tumbling Animals not just as developmental tools, but also as charming additions to your playroom decor. Envision your toddler seated on these whimsical creatures, enjoying a playful tilt that adds excitement to their exploration. Whether swaying from side to side or teetering back and forth, these Tumbling Animals present a dynamic and enjoyable challenge, encouraging your toddler to actively participate and refine their balance skills by actual exercises.