Bio EVA Foam Play Mats

As seasoned professionals in the EVA Foam Mat industry for decades, our team of in-house scientists and designers has been at the forefront of innovation. Since 2015, we have pioneered hot-trend designer puzzle play mats, and our commitment to improvement is unwavering. These aesthetically pleasing and functional play mats undergo continuous enhancements. Our focus is on ensuring they are not only safe for kids and beneficial for you but also contribute positively to the environment. Your well-being, the safety of your children, and environmental sustainability remain our top priorities. While the environmental impacts of EVA foam raise concerns, there are alternatives available to mitigate its detrimental effects. One notable option is opting for products made from Sustainable EVA, representing a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional EVA foam. KOMAT is actively working towards enhancing the sustainability of EVA foam by altering its manufacturing processes.