Komat Bio-Degradable PVC Leather

Item code: KPVC
1/ Material Intro
Leather is one of human’s earliest and most useful developments. It is a long-lasting material but generate pollution during the production process. The synthetic leather is invented to mitigate the pollution, that is not only durable and eco-friendly, is also further developed to bio-degradable. Most fossil-based synthetic leather cannot be degraded after their end-life.  
What is “bio-degradable”?
Traditionally, fossil-based materials (plastic and synthetic leather) take over hundred years to be broken down to small molecules from its high molecular weight structure in natural environment. For our synthetic leather, is composed of hydrocarbons, which can be energy sources for bacteria and micro-organisms. 
With proper addition of specific organic molecules (non-toxic) in plastics, it modifies hydrophilicity of plastic and create suitable conditions, once disposal to
landfills, to attract plastic-eating bacteria and microbes from natural environment to digest plastics, therefore leading to much rapid rate of plastic depolymerization.The diagram below illustrates the mechanism of plastic depolymerization by microorganism of conventional plastic with degradation modifiers.  
We have developed and produced synthetic leather meeting criteria of bio-degradability and our third-party lab has done the biodegradation testing. The testing result provide indication of anaerobic degradability carrying out by mimic to landfill environment (high temperature, high moisture anaerobic soil condition).
Why the bio-degradable leather development is so important? 
Water pollution, or the emerging term called “Plastic Soup”, has drew attention to just how important it is that materials can degrade back into the natural environment. The life circle of a leather research is therefore an important subject to understand and to discuss seriously. It is also an issue that (synthetic) leather manufacturers and all of industries with leather relations start to pay attention because consumers are increasingly aware of the leather products which are harmless to our life and environment. 
The leather producers/manufacturers are demanded on taking the responsibility for the next generation and lead to a more sustainable leather value chain. Biodegradability is a vital part in this matter. That is the reason why Komat has been non-stop developing new materials and now come with a new generation leather which is Non-Toxic, Bio-degradable (Anaerobic bacteria degrade type). 
2/Material specification
1.    Bio degradable, Synthetic PVC leather, Anaerobic bacteria degrade type
2.    Non-toxic
a.    Dioxin-free 
b.    Phthalate-free
3.    Eco-friendly
-    Dispose by landfill: be degraded by Anaerobic bacteria, 91% degrade in one-year duration
-    Dispose by incinerator: No generation of toxic dioxin

4.    The material property and durability are the same as traditional synthetic PVC leather

3/Material Test Report
To follow the growing of international trend, Komat has been dedicating on the material for future generation which is complied with the world strictest safety standards, the required testing (standards) include Dioxin-free, Phthalate-free, Bio-degradability (anti-bacteria type ) as the reports shows: 

4/ Material Varieties

Our bio-degradable-leather varieties are very diversified and can be customized depends on customer’s need. The genres are most popular listed below: 

1mm Bio-Degradable Leather with fabric back 
2mm Bio-Degradable Leather with original smooth bottom side 
3mm Bio-Degradable Leather with special anti-slippery surface
3mm Bio-Degradable Leather original smooth surface

5/Material application

Synthetic leather applications are quite common, ranging from furniture, clothing, sports products, floor mats to golf gloves, baby stroller handles and plenty of living daily products. As the same, our bio-degradable leather is available in a variety of substrates depending on your needs and it is eco-friendly. 
Please look at some real-life application from our Bio-degradable leather: