Pastel Orange Patented Eco Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

Item code: YG002

Our Product YG002 Pastel Orange Patented Eco Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly, 100% TPE Foam
Komattech Co., Ltd. has delicated on formular & product development and sucessfully developed 100% TPE foam (Thermo Plastic Elastomer Foam). Komat’s 100% TPE foam yoya matis giarantee 100% base and does not mix with other material (such as EVA, Rubber, POE), making the mat has superior performance. 
Due to technical barrier, Komat is one of very a few manufacturers who is capaple of producing 100% TPE foam. Therefore, Komat’s 100% TPE foam material and yoga mat has filed with patent in several countries (EU, USA, Asian countries). 
For our 100% TPE foam yoga mat, it is dual layer with dual colors that is foamed without gluing/fabric/adhesive, this process enables the improvement of product durability, appearance, and quality whule shortening the production lead-time. 

Komat’s guarantees for 100% TPE foam mat products. 
1. 100% TPE base: Komat’s 100 TPE foam is graranteed not mixing other materials such as PVC, EVA, POE, Rubber. 
2. Toxic-Free: Comply with the strictest regulations, including EN71, REACH, CNS15493, 1STM F963, CA65, etc (inspected by SGS Taiwan), inspected as list: 
   Formamide (CAS No. 75-12-7) is classified as CMR substance, Komat’s 100% TPE foam contain ZERO of formamide. 
   Komat’s TPE foam does not mixed with PVC, containing ZERO of Chlorine. 
   Inspected by SGS Taiwan, free of plasticizer. 
d.Heavy mental free:
   Comply with the safety regulation EN71 and REACH (Sb, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg, Se). 
e.From raw material to production, all process is based in Taiwan. The quality insistence is our strength. 

3. The Specialty of Komat’s 100% TPE Eco-friendly Yoga Mata
a.Recycle and bio degradale: Komat’s yoga mat is made of 100% TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer), the chemical structure is Physical Crosslinking, making material recyclable, reusable, and bio-degradable.
b.Toxic-Free: Komat’s TPE foam yoga mat does not contain heavy metal, halogen, and plasticizer, chlorine; which comply with EU & USA safety standards. 
c.Odorless: Komat’s TPE foam yoga mat has no smell of sulfur. 
d.Light weight: 1.68kg (3.7lb)/sheet (61cm x 181cm x 0.6cm)
e.Excellent cold resistence: Komat’s 100 TPE foam can resist low temperature to -40 celcius degree. 
f.Elastic & Soft: Provide yoga user comfort environment. 
g.Water repellency: Komat’s can be cleaned by clean water.
h.Anti-skid: Excellent anti-skid performance is mature of Komat’s 100% TPE.  
i.Colorful: Color is customizable and can be colorful
j.Easy of applying post process: Printing, painting, adhering, embossing are applicable.