Injection Molding Pellet Material for Sandals Shoe Strap

Item code: KM01

Our Product KM01 Injection Molding Pellet Material For Sandals Shoe Strap

Komat, Desipte of producing finished foam product, another of our core strength is non-toxic material and formula development. The TPE pellet for shoelace (strap) for flip-flop (injection grade)
The shoelace of flip-flop is traditionally made of vulcanized rubber (nature rubber), synthetic rubber, or PVC. However, the materials mentioned above have their irreversible natural defeats. 
  1. Rubber
Since sulfur is added into rubber for the curing process, the smell of sulfur can’t be eliminated. In addition, the vulcanized rubber is irrecyclcable and can’t be as colorful as other substitute materials. 
  1. PVC
PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is a thermoplastic, which has advantage of ease of production, ease of be mass production, and is colorful. However, PVC contains halogen, plasticizer, and heavy metal and has poor performance on cold resistance, which is unfriendly to the environment. 
A substitute material of rubber and PVC just launched as a better choice - Gumprene TPE 757 (TPE). The specialties of Gumprene TPE 757 as below: 
  1. Gumprene TPE 757 is a TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) material which is transparent pellet and can be can be applied as multi-color printing. 
  2. Gumprene TPE 757 has ease of production which can be applied to injection process for mass production to produce shoelace, such as bone shape type, H shape, etc…
  3. Gumprene TPE 757 is sort of thermoplastic, which is 100 % recyclable.
  4. Gumprene TPE 757 is free of halogen, plasticizer, and heavy metal. Its specialty – toxic-fee can provide and better and healthy life. 
  5. Gumprene TPE 757 can resist coldness down to -40 oC.
  6. Gumprene TPE 757 equipped with excellent flexibility which provides extra coziness.
  7. Gumprene TPE 757 has ease of applying post processing, such as adhesive, printing, and painting.