Patented 100% TPE Foam Yoga Mat (Dual Layer/color)

YD Series
--181 cm x 61 cm x 0.5 cm-- --Customized--

Guarenteed 100% TPE Base Patented  Dual Layers Custom Eco TPE Yoga Mat


What is Komat's R&D ability 

Komat Tech Co., Ltd. has been dedicated on product development for years and successfully developed 100% TPE foam (Thermo Plastic Elastomer Foam) and  Komat is one of very a few manufacturers who is capable of producing 100 % TPE foam.


For Komat’s TPE foam yoga mat, it is filed (publiched in US in 2016). The patent incorporate not only the formula, but alsoits production.

Komat's TPE mat has dual layers with dual color when production is done, which does not apply any glue, adhesive, or fabric. This process enables the improvement of durability, appearance, and quality while shortening the production time.  


Why Komat's 100% TPE yoga mat has superior quality and performance? 

 - The competitive merit of Komat's 100% TPE yoga mat

     Komat's 100% TPE yoga mat is a patent design product, which has filed wit patent in U.S.A., EU, Japan, Taiwan, and China. Our patent include 2 main parts, that is 

 1. The 100% TPE formulation

 2. The dual layer/color design that is formed without adhesive or dluing


     Because of the patent design, Komat's 100% TPE yoga mat is toxic-free, eco-friendly, and ordorless


- The difference between 100% TPE and other materials

Guarentee 100% TPE Base Patented Dual Layers Custom Eco TPE Yoga Mat


The specification of our "Guarenteed 100% TPE Base Patented  Dual Layers Custom Eco TPE Yoga Mat"


Product Description

 The traditional material of Yoga mat is PVC, PU, or rubber. However, they are toxic, not durable, or too heavy to carry. Our innovative 100% TPE (Thermo-Plasric Elastomer) foam material overcomes these drawbacks at once. The Specialty of our 100% TPE Foam as below:

  • Odorless and Non-toxic
  • Does not contain plasticizer and toxic chemical and comply with product safety regulation of EN71, REACH, ROHS and CNS 15493
  • Sustainable and Recyclable
  • Light weightiness: specific gravity < 0.1
  • Light Weightiness
  • Elastic
  • Ductile
  • Good Cold-Resistance (-40 degree C)
  • Can be Colorful
  • Cozy: The comfort mat product is ductile, which in not only provide yoga mat user with safety protection, but a comfortable environment for exercising
  • Anti-Skid: Due to the nature of 100% TPE foam, Komat's 100% TPE foam yoga mat is extremely anti-skid, which prevents the slippy floor during toga exercise
  • Easy to clean: Simply clean by clear water or mild detergent
  • Lightness: Each TPE yoga mat has weight only 2.6lb (1.2kg), easy to carry 

The Product spec as below: 


  • Standard: 24" x 72“ (61cm * 181cm)
  • Customized: Per request


  • Standard: 0.2" (0.5cm)
  • Customized: 0.16" - 0.5" ("4mm - 12mm)


      2.6 lb (For the dimension of 24" x 72" x 1/5")



  • Standard: Asker C 20
  • Customized: Per request

Color (Dual Layer):

  • Customized: Per request (Pantone code needed, U series)


  • Standard: Shrink wrap per piece (with A4 color insert), 20 pcs per cartin (66cm x 65cm x 55cm)
  • Available Customized packaging
    • Color print inner box
    • Carton dimension
    • Packing material
    • Strap
    • Yoga bag 

Delivery35 days after receipt of L/C at sign or 50% TT in advance

Customizable option for Komat's Yoga Mat

  • Color
  • Grain
  • Texture
  • Hardness
  • Dimension


Texture Option

    The Yoga mat comes one side with "Mold Texture" and the other side can be either with "Embossed Texture" or "smooth surdace". 

    Komat currently has 5 type mold texture and 1 type embossed texture for your choice. If you do have your desire texture or your own design. We are able to customize the texture per your request

  • Mold Texture: 

          - Hemp rope

          - Leather

          - Tri-line

          - Dot

          - Lychee

          Guarentee 100% TPE Base Patented Dual Layers Custom Eco TPE Yoga Mat

  • Embossed Texture:

          - Snow Flake

        Guarentee 100% TPE Base Patented Dual Layers Custom Eco TPE Yoga Mat